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Difficult as it is to speak about ourselves, still in certain situations we have to introduce ourselves, regarding our biography, members of the family, friends and so on. So, I will try to introduce myself. First of all I would like to speak about my family, my parents, who play a great role in molding my character, but not my opinion and thoughts. I’m happy to have a friendly family where we understand each other and come to help without any extra word. My family is rather large. There are five people in our family: mother, father, my two younger brothers and me. I love and respect them greatly, and want to be proud of me. They taught me a lot of things. My mother is a young looking woman of thirty-six. She name is Galina. She is very graceful and slight women less than me. My mom has got delicate hands and shapely legs. Her skin is cream-white, smile is very charming and she has got brown curly hair with a beautiful blue eyes. That is why she is so pretty women. She is kind and merry by nature. She has a lovely voice. She is always fashionably dressed. She is always quiet and careful. That is why she is a lofty ideal for me. By profession she is a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. But now she works as an educator in one of the kindergartens in Uzhgorod. Today she has a maternity leave, because 5 months ago gave birth to my youngest brother. My mother spends a lot of time in the kitchen – she is fond of cooking. We always find out new recipes, try them, and invent new unusual names. I have stepfather. His name is Slava, but I call him “daddy”. He is a native father of my younger brothers. My Dad is forty-three. He isn’t tall, but he has got genial appearance. My stepfather has got bobbed black hair with hazel eyes and massive chin. My dad is a well-educated and well-read person; he has experiences in many fields. That is why it is always interesting to communicate with him, he usually tells many exciting stories, of course, if he has free time....
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