Family and Human Nature

Topics: Mary Shelley, Family, Percy Bysshe Shelley Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Lindsey Grippo
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Critical Essay

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein

Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein were two different people who lived different lives. Victor Frankenstein was raised with the elementary principles of human nature which were molded into his childhood as he was growing up. His parents had high expectations and standards for their son. Mary Shelley was less fortunate in this case, and was not raised with the principles of human nature. Which had caused her to act the way she does, and view things.

Mary Shelley had grown up in the country as a young girl, and lived in Scotland. She was born on August 30th, 1979 in London. Eleven days after her birth, her mother died of puerperal fever. Which left Godwin with to care for Mary and her three year old sister, Fanny Imlay. Mary grew up writing literature and stories about dreams that she had, had. Her father later on re-married and moved on over the years. His fathers new wife did not care for Mary, and did not have any respect for her as her step mother. Once her father had found a new wife Mary was mistreated and was abused. Mary's output on life had dramatically changed because of what she was put through at such a young age, that caused her to act the way she was. Mary moved on and made changes in her life for her own good. As she grew older she married and moved to Switzerland, where they became neighbors with Lord Byron.

Victor Frankenstein was raised with class and grew up living in a loving household where all the principles of human nature were taught. His parents showed him protections, love and acceptance growing up as a young kid. Victor had parents who incorporated and developed theses principles into his life. His mother was very loving and affectionate, and always wanted to help others. She did whatever she could to support and be there for other people. Victors mother would travel around just so that she could visit towns, and cottages to help and care for...
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