Family and Dolls

Topics: Family, Marriage Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Hinamatsuri (雛祭り) is a girls’ festival in Japan which is on 3 March. At this festival, parents will put a display stage for their daughters that dolls wearing Wafuku and small furniture from the top to the bottom. Although this festival is not an official holiday in Japan, all of the family members will be together to bless girls for growing up happily and healthily to be an adult.

It is very fastidious about the location of the dolls in the display stage. Usually, the top is a pair of emperor-Obina (おびな) and empress-Mebina (めびな) with a miniature gilded screen placed behind them like am imperial court. The second stage is Sannin Kanjo (三人官女), Kuwae no Choushi (加えの銚子), Sanpou (三方), and Nagae no Choushi (長柄の銚子). The third stage is a Gonin BayashiI (五人ばやし), Kozutsumi (小鼓), Fue (笛), Utaikata (謡い方), Ookawa (大鼓), and Taiko (太鼓). The fourth stage is two Zuishiin (随身), Udaijin (右大臣) and Sadaijin (左大臣), with some food between them. The fifth stage is three servants and Ukon no Tachibana (右近の橘) and Sakon no Sasura (左近の桜). The sixth stage is some little dowry furniture. The seventh stage is car, cage, and sedan chair, etc. There are totally 15 dolls and 7 stages. Adding up with some other decorations, it would be more expensive. However, there has other choice for 1 stage, 3 stages or 5 stages.

These dolls can be generation. When daughter get married, mother would give her daughter these dolls as dowry. Usually, people will put this display 1 or 2 weeks before 3 March.
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