Failure of the Weimar Republic

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg, Weimar Republic Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: October 8, 1999
To what extent is it true to say that "The failure of the Weimer Republic was due to external factors beyond its control and the rise of a German messiah"?

In 1933, the Weimer Republic was officially abolished by Hitler, the German 'messiah.' The Weimer Republic was replaced by his opposite, its contrast. From a democratic state to a state ruled by a 'messiah.' Was it inedible that the Weimer Republic would become a failure? Or would different conditions have changed the occurred?

There where different external factors the Weimer Republic where forced to face. The actual Republic had neither influence nor any fault to their existence. The first of these factors the Republic faced was the fact that the Republic was introduced following the defeat in the First World War. This was present in the minds of all German people. They where not able to understand how they could have lost a war where they had been told they where beating their enemies. German people where shocked, surprised. It was difficult for them to believe they had not won. Military defeat combined with social distress of the Germans for the loose of war was what gave birth to the Weimer Republic. Therefore, it started under bad conditions. A war which had been believed to be a success but became a failure.

As a result of failure in the First World War Germany was forced to sign a treaty, called the Treaty of Versaille. In this treaty, it was recognized that Germany was responsible for the start of the war. This even though not proved was recognized by Germany. The people could not believe it. They where embarrassed at what there country had recognized by signing the treaty. Even though, they had no choice but to sign.

As one of the points in the treaty, Germany had to pay a rather large number of reparations. Germany was required to make extensive financial reparations. Difficulty arose in making these reparations. The Republic did not have enough money. The Weimer...
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