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Hi I'm a faggit
The end
Once upon a time I was fsggiting around
I love to music and dance and sing I can't believe I have to write this stupid thing fruit you all house love cat dog hi hi hi hi the the the the cat cat cat cat cat car crDay 1, Monday  
  I woke up, got dressed in uniform, and made my way to school. The day was going pretty much as usual except for the fact it was as rainy and dark out as funeral scarf. The winds were raging and the rain whispered. I made my way to one of my classes and sat there waiting for the lesson to begin. Music began to play through the speakers of the classroom and it was an old tragically hip song that I was quite familiar with. It brought me back to a time when I was younger and that extraordinary band was all that was played throughout my house on the cassette player or stereo. Music has always triggered so many memories from the past for me and always brings a smile to my face when I think of something wonderful that happened when I was around those melodies or lyrics. I instantly thought about the amazing trip my family and I took when I was 3 to P.E.I and all I could remember was going across the confederation bridge and listening to the entire tragically hip album. It blows my mind thinking of how I was such a young age but just because of this one tune heard during class, I remember a big pile of amazing memories. It turned today’s gloomy day into a happy one that’s for sure.  

Day 2, Wednesday
  It’s been a few days since my last journal. Today some more music in the classroom was playing that I knew and it was the band blue rodeo a song called Hasn’t Hit Me Yet. More memories came back from hearing this song because my parents told me stories of how they fell in love at this band’s concert. For some reason I have always felt that I was one of the few people in and around my age group that recognized and still enjoyed older music that was heard from when we were younger. To my surprise I looked over and...
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