Factors Promoting Health & Safety in Ece

Topics: Childhood, Health care, Health Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The three significant factors that promote health and safety in early childhood settings are
“Children experience an environment where: their health is promoted; their emotional well-being is nurtured; they are kept safe from harm” (MoE, 1996, p. 46).
A healthy and a safe environment protect children from any kind of harm. The environment is made up of physical, social, economical and cultural factors. These factors influence the way children perceive and respond to their surroundings. In turn these responses affects physical, social, economical choices and behaviours (Charlesworth. 2004)

The few environment factors which are positive and promote good heath are 1) Good dietary habits
2) Recreation, regular exercise and adequate rest
3) Stress reduction
4) Medical care
5) Cleanliness
A safe environment promote children’s psychological well being and they become independent to make their own decisions.
Child Protection
Be it school or home child protection is a must. These days child abuse has become a serious problem in many of the countries. Children have to be protected from violence, abuse or exploitation.

Child protection links closely to all aspects of children’s well being Child protection is a special concern in situations of emergency and humanitarian crisis. Many of them defining features emergencies – displacement, lack of humanitarian access, breakdown in family and social structures, erosion of traditional value systems, a culture of violence and many more. (Handbook: Child Protection - UNICEF IPU. 2004)

Childhood Illness
Many childhood illnesses are caused by spreading of viruses. After all young children in groups are breeding grounds for organisms that cause illness. Sleep walking, bed wetting, night mares, stammering and many more factors could be signs of some kind of illness, not always. Children’s illnesses should be taken utmost care and immediate action should...
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