Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls' Habits

Topics: Writing, Essay, Learning Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Title: “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”

By: Shaina Coleman

Professor: Heather Silano

Course: English Composition 115

Date: January 22, 2012

This essay tells about how a Korean girl went from being wealthy to her family going

Bankrupt. After her father loses everything that mattered to them, things started to fall apart. The author Suki Kim is the person being described in this essay. This is her autobiography. The most important points in her life were (pg. 62) that when she started middle school, her father went bankrupt and lost everything that mattered to the family. She was then moved to Queens, New York in the 1980’s. Suki had difficulty adjusting to the American culture. She didn’t know a thing about how to speak English. The supporting details are that in the essay (pg. 63), it states she watched “Three’s Company” in an attempt to learn English. She also states that what was more brutal than learning English was facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits and memory. At age 13, she took public transportation to school for the first time instead of being driven by a chauffer. She never had homework without a tutor helping her, or having to do her own laundry. These statements tell me that she is now learning to be independent and experiencing on being a middle class teenager, since she is no longer rich. She has to now do her own chores, and ride a bus back and forth to school every day. The writer’s purpose in genre is that she is now a Korean-American who once lived wealthy in Korea and then was moved to the big city of Queens, New York in the 1980’s, then was forced to learn English. The audience is for anybody who reads her story. I think this essay is for everyone of all ages. The author’s tone towards her readers was that she was calm about having to make her own decisions. She seemed to adjust very well in her new environment. She changed her whole lifestyle very abrubtly. The emotional...
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