Facilitating Change in the Workplace

Topics: Exercise, Table tennis, Blood pressure Pages: 11 (3469 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Health and fitness info:

Tests:| RHR| Height| Weight| MHR| Blood pressure| BMI| Results | 60| 1.7| 60kg| 202| 114/80| 14|
Average | Above average| Average| | | Normal| Ideal weight|

I got my client to do the following tests above to see if he is able to go though the programme and to see if he needs any special needs during the activities he will be going through in the 6 weeks.

RHR: my patient’s RHR is 60, which is above average for my client’s age. This shows from my research that my client’s heart beats once every second, which is kind of slow and shows that he has quit a lot of anaerobic endurance and would be best suited in a long distance running sport.

Height: my client’s height is 1.7m, which is the average height for an 18-year-old male. Also my client weight is 60kg and from the research I found out that his weight is the normal amount for a person of his height. He is happy about his weight but his disappointed about his height.

MHR: maximum heart rate (MHR) is measured by 220-your age. In this case it 220-18, which is 202. The number 202 is the predicted amount of beats per minute when a person reaches their maximum heart rate but this can still rise higher.

Blood pressure: my patient’s blood pressure is 114/80, which is the normal rating for a person of his age. The first three digits (114) is the systolic blood pressure and this is a measure of the amount of blood pressure while the heart is beating and 80 is the diastolic pressure, which is a measure of blood pressure when the heart is relaxed.

BMI: my client’s body max index is 14, which is the ideal amount of weight for an 18 year old. This measures the amount of fat you have around the muscle and is measured with a caliper.

My client’s sport

Table tennis:
My client has been playing table tennis for 5 years now and started when he was 13. The first time he started playing the sport was late in year 8 and the table tennis coach introduce him to the sport and ever since then his been playing all the time. After one year he started taking the sport very seriously and started training 5 times a week. Training after school and during lesson time.

After that he was playing in tournaments on the weekends going different places out of London to improve is ranking in England. In the third year of playing table tennis his school was being sponsored my greenhouse, which is a charity that gives players more opportunities to play in tournaments. After that my client was playing almost every weekend in different tournaments and competitions and raised his ranking. In his final year of under 18’s my client reached to 70 in the whole of England.

My client played in division 1 in the junior British league and now plays in harrow and Wembley league matches against other senior players. He has one many trophies and certificates for playing in these different events and was also announced best player in capital city academy.

Other then table tennis my client used to play football for princes park club and enjoyed long distance running and came third in the 1500m-track race event at his school.

Training diary

Week one:

Monday: personal detail check

On the first day of the 6 weeks training programme I wanted to know more about my client’s health. So today my client and I went through his personal details and did some of the following fitness tests: RHR| Weight| Height| Blood Pressure| MHR| BMI|

80| 60kg| 1.7m| 136/80| 202| 12|

This first session was just a way for me to know more about my client’s health and fitness. Overall there were no problems during the session and my client didn’t feel embarrassed about answering any personal questions that I gave him. This session was very important and with all the answers and results from the tests, I can see know the progress of my clients fitness during the 6 weeks.

Tuesday: short interval training

In this particular session, I...
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