Facebook vs. Twitter

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Facebook vs. Twitter

Of all the many social media outlets out there today, Facebook and twitter are the most popular in my opinion. These two social media phenomenas have several comparisons and differences in various ways. Facebook ranked number one in most used social network world wide, twitter isn't to far behind on the list. This two social networks are appealing to billions of people all over the world because it helps you get connected with friends and you are able to communicate with them as well through tweets or Facebook chats. Which social network is better? That is for you to answer, however the social network is more beneficial to you may influence which network you prefer to use.

First of all, the majority of people seem to think Facebook to be more popular than twitter. The main reason Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook was for people to connect with friends, current friends or friends from high school that you wish to get back in touch with. You can potentially connect with new friends through Facebook as well and meet different people from all of the country. The installed user base for Facebook hit one billion users at the end of september which considered by many to be a milestone that no other social network will surpass anytime soon. The reason users may not be a fan of Facebook or like twitter more is due to the fact that navigation and updates to Facebook or rather difficult and you invest more time into it. When you message somebody on Facebook it's unlikely that you will get an immediate response from that person unless they are currently on and get notified they have a new message.

On the other hand, Twitter's popularity comes from how easily you can interact with people and you receive rapid response. People like the simplicity of twitter's navigation and being able to send tweets whenever, if you tweet at someone and that person has the mobile app they will be notified immediately with the ability to respond quickly....
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