Facebook Impact on Students

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Internet Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Most of today's Internet users are active in so many different social networks just to list a few of the most common ones are Facebook Myspace and twitter and there are so many more that the list could go on. These sites specialize in connecting people, either by letting them send messages or pictures or by enabling them to play online games together and comment on each other's walls or photos. These social networks have enormous popularity because many people are engaging in this kind of online activity on social networks, they have enormous benefits of either Facebook's strategy of keeping in touch with old friends or Twitter's idea of seeing what current friends are up to with a certain success, and more and more people are signing up for these services, especially as they are completely free and often financed through advertising, like MySpace and Facebook

However problems are always present, especially when a phenomenon such as social networking is rapidly gaining in momentum through its enormous number of users. As with every new kind of communication or media services, the exact effect it has on humans has yet to be assessed scientifically, but many researchers are already warning people of eventual health risks resulting from social networking. One major problem of social networks could be the way in which they present information. As Facebook and Twitter provide a "status" feature which lets users communicate their current thoughts or activity in a single sentence or a few words, the information flow which reaches every user is huge and with most users are always updating. This can be detrimental to their user's moral sense, modern scientists say: Every interaction with others needs time, and the processing of the received information is often related to ethics. For instance, when a person learns about the depression of one of their close friends, she has to process this information in order to feel sorry for her friend. At other times, when a person...
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