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Topics: Human, Race, Human skin color Pages: 3 (1554 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Conflict is a part of life and cannot be ignored because It is essential for humans to experience conflict in order to grow and also because conflict leads to new discoveries. Humans will attempt to avoid conflict and resolve it in order to live a happy and serene life. However some will say that conflict is necessary as a key to unlock a lock. Conflict in an individual's life acts as a key which opens doors to secrets of self-discovery. Conflict is something that cannot be ignored, it is unavoidable. It is unavoidable since humans are surrounded by it. Racial, discriminant and religious conflict has become a big part of human life, people are judged the way they look or behave.

Without conflict, there is no progress or change. Individuals need some degree of conflict if they are to reveal unexpected qualities. When individuals are to encounter conflict they come across a point where they are expected to choose a side. However, there are rarely two clear sides in human conflict which makes the situation more complex as it becomes harder for an individual to choose one of two sides. Therefore, the complexity of the situation helps individuals to find their hidden personalities. Conflict usually leads to deep thinking on the topic of conflict, this deep thinking than leads to the discovery of idea. It is these ideas that lead to self discovery or discoveries about the world which can bring changes. Therefore In order to bring changes, an individual needs to face some degree of conflict whether the change is for themself or others. Sometimes it may be the consequence that brings changes to an individual. A change can be physical, psychological or emotional. For example, Rosa parks, an African American civil rights activists, her childhood bought her early experience with racial discrimination in United states of America. She was once asked to give up her bus seat for a white passenger and after her refusal to surrender her bus seat Rosa parks discovered her...
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