Explorers or Boys messing about-In this article the writer, Steven Morris is very critical of the explorers behaviour. How does he make his opinions clear?

Topics: Irony, Sarcasm, Explorer Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Explorers, Or Boys Messing About?
In this article the writer, Steven Morris is very critical of the explorers behaviour. How does he make his opinions clear?

In the article published by the Guardian and written by Steven Morris, we get an immediate critical vibe towards the explorers and the situation they were in. Morris has rather sarcastically spoken about the events in a clever way, in which he manages to slate the explorers subtly without being too blunt.

We see in just the first paragraph the two explorers are seen as childish in the writer’s choice of view, by using the word ‘farce’. The use of this word creates the idea of ridiculous and so foolishly amusing behaviour, which seems uncaring in an article based on something rather serious. This has given us an automatic feel that Steven wants to portray them as immature and a joke. Throughout the article there are many other times the men are shown as juvenile by the writer. By choosing to use the quote from one of the explorer’s wives saying they were just ‘boys messing about with a helicopter’, they are once again shown as callow. As well as it referring to fully grown men as boys, ‘messing around’ with a thing as serious as a helicopter in extreme conditions, it also makes Morris look as though there are many people on his side. The fact that he has a second opinion that what they did was stupid makes himself look far more reliable.

Steven Morris also expresses his negative opinion of the explorers through the engaging way of irony and sarcasm. He uses phrases such as ‘their trusty helicopter’, putting invert commas around the word trusty himself. This makes the reader think that their helicopter was in fact the very opposite. Furthermore, he highlights their ironic failure in the fact that in one of their failed expeditions they wanted to demonstrate ‘how good the relations between the east and west had become.’ He puts this in to show another mission they had failed to complete when they...
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