Exploitation of Domestic Workers

Topics: Suicide, Domestic worker, Human rights Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 19, 2009
Domestic workers abuse in Lebanon.
Sources: http://www.lebanese-forces.org/humanrights

Objective Part:

Today, I chose the issue of domestic workers abuse and exploitation. This issue has been gaining more and more importance over time and causing increasing deaths. Many maids have committed suicide and others have attempted to escape by jumping off balconies and injuring themselves. We have pushed these immigrants who are unfamiliar with our culture and who do not understand our language to the limits. They come here hoping to earn a living and work in decent conditions, better than theirs at home. And instead, the employers mistreat them and abuse them because the workers aren't learning fast enough and they are losing patience, others do not pay them the promised salary, some deprive them food and communication with their families… making the workers' lives intolerable and cruel.

Subjective Part:

Domestic workers have become the slaves of the modern world, exploited, and treated like inferiors, working in inhumane conditions in many cases, victims of their ignorance and social class… The African maids are the most exploited, coming from poor underdeveloped countries. Many employers, the ones that abuse the domestic workers, see them as objects that they bought, that they can control only because they have the power to give them orders and decide upon the work conditions… This behavior is highly unethical and cruel. These workers come in the sole purpose of making a living. They come and do as asked, get paid minimal wage and are already subjects to cultural shock. Employers should be patient, understand their origin, treat them well and be more sympathetic with them. There was an ad published not long ago on Lebanese channels about this matter, where the employer's son was working abroad, pressured by peers, and as the mother listens...
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