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explanation of poem

By syudanee Nov 04, 2013 678 Words
A rose symbolize a beauty. Beauty that comes with kindness, softness and also calmness. A rose is a very beautiful flower and also expensive. In this poem, it could symbolizes as opportunity or something that you really wish for. The first stanza talking about the abandoned, wrecked house. The house is dirty( line littered) Have none doors but the wind ever closes. It looks like the house is haunted, and frightening. But it also seem so mystery because it stands in old garden of old-fashioned roses. So, it could be mean that, the house could be the key or the main or the entrance or the place where the clue to get the roses( opportunity lies). The scary house could represents the challenge for anyone who want to succeed or pursue something in their life.

The second stanza means, the persona walks with someone else, possibly could be his lover or friend passing the area and asking who the owner, Basically, it means that, he wants the roses but don’t know how, or whom to be asked to. Mary answers no one but one we must ask if want any roses. Basically it means, if you want something, have to work hard to achieve it. You must know the way to gain it and if that opportunity lies within someone, you need to ask for the right person for it. Since this stanza, shows that he walks with another person in the gloaming, usually gloaming view is very beautiful and calm, however, gloaming indicates a scene lead to sunset, meaning, the condition now is getting darker and dim (perhaps shosw that he lost his courage, blurr need support, likely to give up), and that’s why he need this mary comes into picyurento help him, support him and telling him what to do.

The third stanza, basically, means persona has worked hard no matter what happens( cold dew)to gain the roses, by joining hands, went to house back and forth and like a beggars, begging for roses. He never gives up and keep asking. Not care about anything, exhausted or not,push aside his pride away. The word boldly is showing that he really doesn’t care for anything and go with his own way, have high confident to get the roses( opportunity). The fourth stanza, is showing that, the persona tries to ask where the owner, and they want the roses, however, in a proper manner. In the world of reality, when you decide to achieve something u need to be brave and do not feeling ashamed when in the progress of gaining it and rich up urself with great manners, so that people will acknowledge you.

"Old Herrick" is an allusion to Robert Herrick, a 17th century poet who wrote: "Of have I heard both youths and virgins say, Birds choose their mates, and couple, too, this day." I think this poem is saying, there are opportunities out there but you don't grab hold of them before they wither, then they might as well have not been there at all. The last stanza could basically means, the persona are joining hands( do not loosen our hands, intertwining) meaning being cooperated with Mary, his partner to gain something, because people always say that two is always better than one. Both of them are supporting each other and worked hard together and never think to part away. Because of that determination, they get the roses( opportunity). Mistily shining, basically means the owner( probably in persona’s mind, like the angel who gives you sustenance or the one sent from god), granted ur wish or opportunity that u want so badly because of your hard work and determination.

Literary devices
1. Simile: and knock to the echoes as beggars for roses (3rd stanza, 4th line) 2. Personification: wind ever closes
3. Hyperbole:
4. Metaphor: mistily shining
5. Repetition: 'Pray, are you within there, ( 4th stanza, 1st and 3rd line) tis ,( 2nd line and 4th line) 6. Inversion:
7. Imagery: house( key)guardian or challenge, rose( opportunity/ wish)

Tone: melancholic, solemn
Theme: life
Rhytm: abab

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