Experience: Form of the Good and School

Topics: Form of the Good, Textbook, Residence in English family law Pages: 5 (1825 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Experience: it is a good experience, Bangalore is one of my favourite destination in India, I enjoy the climate of bangalore & the culture is too good,there is a lot of facilities for visitors most ly I like to visit Brigade Road.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: For me Banglore is Favourite place for shopping in Brigade Road & my favourite restaurant is KFC the main attraction of the destination is The whole city.

Activities & things to do: I dont have any activities to do there but I would like to visit Bangalore with my parents.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: most of the people knows about Banglore so I don't have any tips to tell that's it Thank You Was this review useful?

Hellow Guys!!!

Guys...as a means to improve my English grammar, i would like to share my school days experienced with you guys....hope you will like it. Your feed back and correction will be appreciated.

It is always nostalgic to think of the past life especially our school days. My school days experiences is also one of the most memorable phase of my life. When i look back at those days smile automatically comes on my face. I don't really know weather that smiles is the expression of good experiences or bad experiences. But, i can certainly tell you that whatever it is i like the way i see myself as. No one in this world is completely happy but intensity of happiness may varies from person to person. This was the point of realization that always enforced me to face the challenges during my school days. There are many children in the world who can't even effort to go to school and yet they learn so many things out of their life living in streets and slums. As we have very good evidence infront of the world that non going school child became the president of India and great scientist (Abdul Kalam former president of India). Needless, to say about the Albert Einstein who left school at the age of 15 without attending any degree. These people was my inspiration during my school days. I always used to look at myself and my family rather than my classmates and friends. My classmates used to have new text books, new cloths, uniform, school bags and proper shoe etc. sometimes i also tempt to have new text book, shoe and uniform etc. but, later i used to realized that who i am. I never see myself as the subject to new books, new cloths and shoe, that is how i able to come over all this challenges without losing my smiles on face and determination to study. I experienced that happiness exist in mind state not in material possession. if it is exist in material possession, then today, i might not experience smile on my face when i look back at those days. Nevertheless, i am still missing my school days. Most of my friends like home and they liked vocation, but i am not, for me there was no such differences between home and school except studies because i never sees the differences as such. The reason being was that i used to wear same clothes in the school and in home. As far as my classes is concern i was not among the brighter students rather sometimes i am top from the bottom. My teacher used to encouraged me to get away from the school but i can't because i loved the food that served in school those days. Sometime i used to feel like to do home work and used to opened old text books which is being hand over by previous student. Looking at the text book itself i used to lost half of the interest. Then i started reading the Text book, i hardly pronouns the English words properly, if i able to pronoun it properly its a big achievement for me. Even though if read it properly its very hard to understand the meaning of that words, there was a many instance that i used to ask my mother who don't even know A.B.C. In this way i used to do my home work with the notion of mission impossible. So, what i wanted to convey from this essay is that i lean two things during my school days. One if i become a Teacher i Never ever...
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