Example of a Piece of Persuasive Writing

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Would you rather go to a supermarket five kilometers away or another supermarket selling the same things ten kilometers away? Would you rather go to a place closer to you or far away from you? So, would you rather go to Disneyland, which is a one and a half hour drive away, or Ocean Park, which is just five minutes away. Time should not be wasted on travelling long distances, so why bother travelling for one and a half hour when you can just basically do the same things in Ocean Park which is just five minutes away?

Teachers of Singapore International School! Would you rather go to Disneyland and only get to play for two hours or would you rather go to Ocean Park and get to play for five hours? The choice is yours, to sit around in a confined area for three hours and only get to play two hours, or to sit around in a confined area for twenty minutes and play for five hours. Kayla Barry once said, “Stupidity is wasting your time” and now, what a fine example this is to prove that she was right if you were to choose to go to Disneyland.

You know that you aren’t stupid so why waste your time thinking? This is an obvious thing to do. Common sense tells you that we should go to Ocean Park instead of Disneyland. This is as simple as ABC, to play more than to travel. It is that simple!

To go to Disneyland or to go to Ocean Park? They are literally both the same and the only different thing is the location, basically, the students in S1L are just going to play more in Ocean Park. Mr Murchison, you did one great deed to let us play in Disneyland, but why Disneyland? Why not Ocean Park? Mr Murchison, why not just let us go to someplace nearer to our school.

Mr Murchison, you are a great teacher, but why, why would you, of all person, choose to go through the long way, with no benefits at all? Why not go the easier way? Please be smart enough to let us go the easier way, Ocean Park.
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