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Topics: Change, Structure, Hierarchy Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Kotter’s words, serve as an obstacle to the new vision. Disney needs to preserve the creative core of its culture, but change those other aspects that serve as impediments to progress (e.g., slowness, fear of outsiders, unclear accountability, etc.). Beyond the culture, other sources of resistance will arise and they must all be dealt with by Disney. Participation can be used to overcome resistance, but Disney’s hierarchical structure and plodding culture will not make employee involvement and participation easy. That is why it is crucial for Disney’s formal organizational structure, culture, and people (especially CEO Eisner) to all be aligned with the company’s newly defined vision and critical tasks. “Power is essential to the implementation of change strategies.” Change requires a strong guiding hand or, again in Kotter’s words, a powerful guiding coalition. Eisner can certainly provide that strong hand, but in Disney’s case, the devolution of power will also play an important role. The centralized approach to decision making employed by Eisner focuses power at the top, but a changed structure and culture that is more responsive and quicker will require that power to be diff-used. In a twist on conventional thinking, Eisner can actually use his power to guide change by giving up some of his power. His diffusion of power can then facilitate involvement that can be used to overcome resistance. Reinforcement of the structural and cultural changes with Eisner’s behavior as leader. Eisner’s role as CEO is the biggest key to changing Disney. A new context and a changed structure and culture will require a different leader than Eisner has been. As Collins and Porras state in their chapter on Clock Building, Not Time Telling, “one of the most important steps you can take in building a visionary company is not an action, but a shift in perspective.” Eisner needs to change his perspective from being a time teller to being a clock builder. If he wants to be a clock...
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