Example Of A Narrative Essay About Being A Team Captain

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Prompt #1. In my third year of highschool I was on the girl’s basketball team. I was one of the team captains. The experience of being a team captain helped me realize that i am a good helper and I always come to practices and games with a good attitude. On the basketball team there were a few people who didn’t know how to play. My responsibilities of being a team captain was to make sure my other teammates knew where to stand, know what plays to call out, how to dribble the ball correctly, shoot correctly, and how to move their feet they way the ball moves. One experience I remember was when I had to teach two of the team members how to shuffle their feet the way the ball goes. During the process of teaching them, I feel as if they were frustrated because there were many steps and plays to playing basketball. I was able to help them by telling them to take their time and not to worry about the other teammates who already know how to play. After basketball season was over, I learned that i wasing looked at as a leader from my coaches and my teammates which meant I have to put in all of my effort and always have a positive attitude, I learned that everything is not all about me, and I also I learned how people feel when they don't know how to accomplish …show more content…
Outside of class I went to a Reading Clinic three times a week. Since my mom is a single parent, she had wrote a letter to the Bill Gates Foundation asking for a grant to help out with the costs for this class. Instead of giving us half the amount they usually reward, they paid for all the sessions I needed to take. Tutoring class helped me with vocabulary words, and my comprehension skills. When I started this class I didn’t like how I was the oldest out of all the children that went there, but that didn’t stop me from learning. I got to know the tutors really well. The last day of tutoring I had to reach teach what I learned to my tutor. I had learned a lot of vocabulary words that I didn't know

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