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2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT-2012)

Design and Implementation of the Network Examination System Based on B/S Fanqi Meng Baicheng Normal University Baicheng, 137000, China asdf0195 @163.com Keywords: reform of test; B/S; database of item pool; network examination

Abstract. Today the changes of the test mode are common. Many exams have adopted computer test, so the reform of text mode will be a trend in universities. Based on the working practice, the paper showed a project about the reform. It improves the work’s efficiency greatly. Introduction The school will make a final written at the end of each semester. The whole process of examination involves a lot of things. Such as test paper printing, examination room arrangement, papers review, analysis of test paper and so on. So it is a very complicated job and easy to make mistake. The traditional mode of examination makes the whole process too hard and wastes too many resources. The working efficiency is very low. With the development of computer and network, the computers have been used in teaching. So the network examination is possible. In order to improve the quality of teaching, realize public and fairness of the examination, reduce the teachers’ burden, it is imperative to use a new kind of high efficient and fast network examination. Network examination system is divided into two categories: one is based on the C/S network, the other is based on the B/S network. C/S network exam system is usually used to make a single subject’s test and must install the client first. But the B/S network examination system is very flexible. It can organize the examination according to the requirements. As long as the student has a browser, he can join the exam by network. The paper discussed the network examination system. By using this system the teachers can organize the examination and manage test scores by the computer. Realization of exam system The module of exam system has great significance. A good system has a clear structure and is easy to use. The links between two modules should be lesser as far as possible, but the more closely contact in one module the better. According to the independence principle of module division, it is better to less the coupling and increase cohesion. It must improve the reuse of module code and reasonably plot the size of the module. In the light of requirement analysis the system is composed of six main parts. The system structure is shown in figure1. User rights management: This module mainly distinguishes the role among different users. Different users have different rights. The users in the system fall into two kinds, the teacher is mainly responsible for the students’ information management, item pool management, score management. Students can only take part in extracting examination paper and carry out the exam. Students’ information management: This module is used to manage the information of students, such as ID, name and so on. Item pool and test paper management: This part is the root of the network exam system. The key problem is how to make sure of the rationality of test questions, scientificity of the structure. It is important to fit test questions together automatically:

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2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT-2012)

Fig.1 system structure The item pool subsystem includes database of item pool, database of test paper and the knowledge point. The module structure is shown in Fig.2 and Fig.3.

Fig.2 module of item pool

Fig.3 module of test paper management The database of test paper saves all information about paper as Word document. The function is: 1. making a backup for checking or printing. 2. making a review or test for students. Database of knowledge point includes all knowledge points in each chapter. In the...

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Published by Atlantis Press, Paris, France. © the authors 0074
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