Exam 3 Sociology of Gender Winter Mini 2014

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Man Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: February 18, 2015
Michelle Hardy
Winter Mini 2014
Sociology of Gender

Kimmel meant by “The Self-Made Man” that he was self-control and took care of his own life and how he wanted to live it, in all aspects. It became known as the American definition of manhood, although it did have a rough start. Some of these principles changed through out time, but some remained the same. The major changes in this archetype were shown in the play The Contrast that Kimmel talks about. He shows three different types of manhood. The Genteel Patriarch was a powerful ideal through the early part of the nineteenth century. It was inherited from Europe. It “represents a dignified aristocratic manhood, committed to the British upper-class code of honor and to well-rounded character, with exquisite tastes and manners and refined sensibilities.” With this type of manhood it meant you had property ownership and authority at home. It was a big deal to have moral instruction over his sons as well. Love, kindness, duty, and compassion were a few of the characteristics as well as engaging in philanthropic work, activities at the church, and deep involvement with his family. Second was the Heroic Artisan type of manhood. This type of manhood had characteristics that were of independence, virtuous, and honesty. Very well mannered with women and loyal to his male comrades that was a hard worker with self-reliance and honesty. Last, there was the wealthy entrepreneur. This was the representation of the “SELF-MADE MAN.” He “modeled manhood that derived identity entirely from a man’s activities in the public sphere, measured by accumulated wealth and status, by geographic and social mobility.” The “self-made man” was “Mr. Smooth” and linked to volatile marketplace. Although, the “self-made man” was not always in America, it came from France. They came to dominate pretty quickly though. “The self-made man” seemed to be born at the same time of his country.” There were many changes and this was due to...
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