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1. (TCO 1) Historical research involves four main tasks. Discover refers to the task of (Points : 2)        locating primary sources to learn the facts.
       asking questions like "Who created the source and why?"        analyzing all the available primary sources and judging which is the most accurate.        distributing the new findings to the world.|

2. (TCO 2) The Big Three were (Points : 2)
       Stalin, Eisenhower, and Churchill.
       Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.
       Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Stalin.
       Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill.|
3. (TCO 2) What did the Nazi-Soviet pact accomplish for Germany? (Points : 2)        It allowed the union of Austria and Germany.
       It allowed the union of Germany and Hungary.
       It gave Germany a free hand in Poland.
       It gave Germany a free hand in the Sudentenland.| 4. (TCO 3) The Cold War got hot, or flared up into actual fighting, in (Points : 2)        Korea.
5. (TCO 3) What city was divided during the Cold War and became a hotspot for espionage and intrigue? (Points : 2)        Paris.
6. (TCO 4) What was the intention of the Marshall Plan? (Points : 2)        To rebuild the military power of western Europe.        To help the Japanese economy recover from the War.        To rebuild the economies of war-shattered Europe.        To prevent the spread of communism into Africa and Asia.| 7. (TCO 5) Two Southeast Asian countries that gained independence in the 1950s are (Points : 2)        Myanmar and Indonesia.

       Brunei and Singapore.
       Thailand and Indonesia.
       Malaysia and Myanmar.|
8. (TCO 5) Two major challenges Indonesia faced were (Points : 2)        health care and poverty.
       food shortages and drought.
       lack of jobs and oil shortages.
       geography and diversity.|
9. (TCO 6) Which Middle Eastern country is the site of the Kabbah, Islam's holiest site, and the world's largest oil producer? (Points : 2)        Egypt.
       Saudi Arabia.
10. (TCO 6) The only countries in today's Middle East with a sense of nationhood are (Points : 2)        Egypt and Israel.
       Israel and Iran.
       Turkey and Israel.
       Syria and Turkey.|
11. (TCO 7) Which of the following was NOT a program initiated by Gorbachev after 1985? (Points : 2)        Capitalist investment in Russia.
       Land ownership for the peasants.
12. (TCO 7) Poland achieved the election of its first Roman Catholic pope when Cardinal Karol Jozef Wojtyla assumed the papacy as Pope______. (Points : 2)        John Paul II
       Paul VI
       John XXIII
       John Paul I|
13. (TCO 8) Al-Qaeda was organized to (Points : 2)
       destroy the World Trade Center.
       expel U.S. businesses and military power from Saudi Arabia.        support the Taliban government.
       spread Islamic fundamentalism to Europe and the United States. | 14. (TCO 9) Match the terms in Column I with the descriptions in Column II. (Points : 12) Answer | | Potential Matches: |

     : liberation theology| | 1 : dictator of Cuba form the 1930s to the early 1960s |      : indigenous| | 2 : manufacturing goods locally to replace imports |      : contras| | 3 : belief that the Church should work for social reform |      : Fulgencio Batista| | 4 : populist president of Argentina during the 1940s and 1950s |      : Juan Peron| | 5 : Nicaraguan guerrillas who fought against the Sandinista government |      : import substitution| | 6 : the native peoples of Latin America |

15. (TCO 10) Match the terms in Column I with the descriptions in Column II. (Points : 12) Answer | | Potential...
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