Evidence Collection In Crime Scene Investigation

Topics: Bloodstain pattern analysis, Forensic evidence, Blood / Pages: 6 (1311 words) / Published: Jul 8th, 2015
Evidence Collection During a crime scene investigation, evidence are the most important aspects to solve the crime. The evidence left on or around the scene can be used to investigate and identify the perpetrator. “Once the crime scene has been thoroughly documented and the locations of the evidence noted, then the collection process can begin. The collection process will usually start with the collection of the most fragile or most easily lost evidence. Special consideration can also be given to any evidence or objects which need to be moved. Collection can then continue along the crime scene trail or in some other logical manner.” (Schiro, n.d.)
Evidence collection is a very sensitive process and if it is done incorrectly, the crime could possibly go unsolved. Contaminated
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Packing and labeling are the major aspects of evidence collection. There are many mistakes that can be made while collecting and packaging evidence. If items are not properly stored for further investigation, evidence can be easily tampered with or become contaminated by unaware individuals. Labeling must be done in order to provide certain information during investigation. “Preserving and maintaining evidence collected at a scene is crucial. The key is understanding evidence and understanding the proper way to package it. Choose packaging of the proper size and material for the evidence. Package each piece of evidence separately, and properly label, seal, and document it. Evidence tape is designed to fracture easily to indicate tampering; it’s not meant to hold bags shut and boxes together. Use packing tape to seal bags and boxes, then place evidence tape over the packing tape. Sign across the tape, with half the signature on the tape and half on the package. That way, your evidence will be securely packaged, and you’ll notice any

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