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Topics: Aztec, Mesoamerica, Aztec calendar Pages: 6 (1511 words) Published: June 18, 2013
First Paper Writing AssignmentH1112 - Gaston
Please choose one of the following options as the basis for an essay of one to two pages in length. Please see instructions below the questions for further guidelines. 1) “The Lost Entry” – For this paper, you will create a four or five line entry to Columbus’s travel journal. This entry must be accompanied by a paper of one to one and a half pages that uses Columbus’s actual letter as evidence to explain why you wrote the entry as you did. (Be sure to have an argument for this paper as you would for the other paper options. A thesis for this paper could be similar to the following: The journal entry I have created fits with the writings of Columbus because _____________________.) (See “Discovery Documents” on D2L)

2) What argument is Luther making in his “Table Talk” and why? (Document in Strayer, 754-755)

3) What can we say about life as an Aztec after reading Duran’s writings? (Document in Strayer, 593-596)

4) In his writing, “The Conquest of Paradise,” Sale calls Columbus “Eurocentric.” Could the same be said of Vespucci? Why or why not? (see Vespucci handout from class and Sale’s “Conquest” in “Discovery Documents” on D2L)

5) Based on the documents about the Inkas and the Mughals, explain how historical empires attempt to sustain themselves? (Document in Strayer, 597-599 and 653-655)

6) What does Busbecq’s letter tell us about the success of the Ottoman Empire? (Document in Strayer, 655-657)

7) Select one of the primary sources read to this point, and acting as a historian does, make an argument for one thing that the source tells you about the society from which it came.

8) You may also propose your own question or modify one of the above questions. Please check with the professor should you choose to do so. Your essay must:
* use only the designated document or documents (listed after each question). Please do not use outside sources. * be written in twelve-point type and Times New Roman font and must be double-spaced * have margins of either 1 inch or 1.25 inches

* have an outline (this is separate and different from the Answer and Evidence Sheet) * use citations for evidence and include a bibliography in the following format: * citations should be placed in parentheses, include the author’s name and the page number(s), and should appear at the end of the sentence in which the information or quotation appears. The period for the sentence should appear outside the parenthetical citation. (The failure to cite could result in a zero for the paper.) * Example: (Strayer 551-554).

* The bibliography should be completed in the following format and should including every book or source used: * Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Book Title. Place of Publication, Publishing Company, Year of Publication.

* (Keep in mind that the book title should be in Italics and that the second line of the bibliographic entry should be indented five spaces.) Please send papers to the professor through D2L before the beginning of class on the specified due date (see syllabus for due date)

Answer and Evidence Sheet (First Paper)HIST1112 - Gaston What is the question?: What can we say about life as an Aztec after reading Duran’s writings? Answer: The Aztecs placed great importance on their military, religion and strict laws. The structure of the Aztec community was shaped largely on three major groups, which manipulated the Aztec people.

List and Explain three pieces of evidence that support your argument (include source and page number): 1 – The importance of the military to the Aztecs.
Explanation: The military produced a number of rewards and privileges for those who participated in its organization and war. Special rights could be awarded to valiant warriors, brave captains and soldiers for their actions in war. A plethora of examples such as the right...
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