Evaluation of Welcome Meeting 1

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Evaluation for Welcome Meeting

In my opinion, the welcome meeting went well apart from few errors were made but we managed to recover from. The customers were given the information that was needed about the site and the excursion they were also given the prices needed for all the other things that they can do. I think it all went all part from when we went wrong we started to laugh and we were not wearing uniform which would have made us look more professional

Feedback from customers
We gave out questionnaire at the binging of the meeting to get feedback about the meet on how it went and what could be improved. Some of the comments
More confident;
Speak more loudly and properly and
Not to laugh during the welcome meeting.
Good postures
Mathew should not flick his hair
I should not cross her arms it looks negative
No comments were made about Kristyna

1. “Did you find the information give useful?”
12 out of 14 people said YES and 2 people said NO.
The comments on the answers NO were that we were unorganised at times

2. “Did your reps look professional and well groomed?”
12 out of 14 people said YES and other 2 people said NO
The reason for that was that we have not in uniform

3. “Did the reps give you enough and correct information about health and safety?” 14 said YES so we were successful at this part of welcome meeting.

4. “Was the time and venue of the welcome meeting suitable?” 1 person said NO and the rest 13 people said YES.

5. “Did the reps speak clearly and use appropriate language?” All said YES. We spoke clearly and use appropriate language when talking to customers.

6. “Are you interested in any excursions mentioned by the reps?” Most of people said YES and they have also commented that we have made it sound really fun and that they would go to that excursion

7. “Were you given additional/extra information such as prices, weather and activities?” 13 customers out of 14 said...
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