Evaluation of "The Shining"

Topics: Stephen King, The Shining, Overlook Hotel Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: August 24, 2011
Horror stories are believed to be strictly scary. Although, that is somewhat true, horror stories do carry a powerful message. This novel is a perfect example of the problems that may occur in some families. Throughout the story it is constantly shown how evil is easily attracted to our weaknesses. Stephen King’s The Shining is a significant horror novel because of its characters, setting, and themes.

There are numerous encounters with Jack Torrance in the story. His violent behavior does not formally start when he comes in contact the Overlook Hotel. It is shown earlier in the story. Jack was a former college professor fired from Stovington University for beating up a student. He is now jobless because of this incident. Also, Jack is a recovering alcoholic. When he hears of a job as a caretaker of a hotel in the remote mountains of Colorado he jumps at the opportunity. Jack gets the job not knowing of the hotels’ very violent past. He is depressed and is struggling to make ends meet. The Overlook Hotel provides him with what he thinks will turn out to be the best decision he has made for his family. Jack does not see anything wrong with moving his family to the hotel.

Jack’s violence was formed from the hands of his own dad. So, it would be very bizarre that Jack would not be violent towards his own son Danny Torrance. Jack’s drinking usually results in his sudden burst of violence. Shown in the first chapter Jack breaks Danny’s arm. Although given no reason for harming his son, King emphasizes that Jack was drunk when he did it. This shows how Jack is easily provoked to be violent when under the influence of alcohol. Yet, King stills tries to show the father figure in Jack and the positive side of him. “The more we know about him the more we begin to understand his character” (Russell 52). Jack is constantly battling the demons within him. Jack’s weakness for alcohol is what makes him easily under the control of the hotel.

Danny has developed a...
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