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Evaluation and Measurement

By aallixx Apr 17, 2014 1302 Words
An instrument or procedure that measures attibutes or properties of an individual I see ferried to as a TEST The precision, consistency, or repeat ability of questions or tests specifically refers to ACCOUNTABILITY Measurement TAKES PLACE WHEN SCORES ARE OBTAINED

The word or phrase which best describes the relationship between test, measurment, and evaluation is VERY MUCH RELATED Which of the following provides performance indicators, assessment tasks, and rubrics for measuring student achievement PE METRICS Which of the following is not part of the Healthy People 2010 Initiative REFORMING HEALTH INSURANCE Moving into the future: National Physical Education Dtandards is a document published by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION What statement best describes physical education programs in public and private schools? PHYSCIAL EDUCATORS ARE IMPLIMENTING MORE RIGOROUS PROGRAM STANDARDS The difference in performance on an agity run between the initial protest and the subsequent post test describes IMPROVMENT Which of the following would be considered a type of alternative assessment STUDENT JOURNALS A child's performance on a test to measure abdominal strength is most closely related to THE HEALTH-RELATED FITNESS DOMAIN Assessing a students performance on the tennis serve is an example of testing an elemnt of THE PSYCHOMOTOR DOMAIN Administering a written test of the strategies in playing basketball is an example of testing a component of COGNITIVE DOMAIN Administering an instrument to measure attitudes towards physical activity is an example of AFFECTIVE DOMAIN Adult fitness settings would typically have program objectives in each of the learning domains except PSYCHOMOTOR DOMAIN Coaches want their athletes to understand all of the rules of their sports in order to complete in the most effective manner. This is an example of COGNITIVE DOMAIN Which of the following is not a characteristic associated with the psychomotor domain LOW BACK FELXIBILITY Program goals EVOLVE FROM FUNDAMENTAL PHILOSOPHICAL AIMS

Which of the following would not planning program activities AGE, LEVEL OF COMPETENCE, NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS, EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES A performance-based objective is the same thing as BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVE The temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is an ex of INTERVAL SCALE The sum of deviations around the mean IS ZERO

The percentage of scores falling between the mean and 1 dev unit on a normal distribution is approximately 34% 12 min run pre unit, 12 min post. Is there a stat significant difference T-TEST FOR TWO SAMPLES 3 groups, 3 programs. Before and after weights. TWO WAY ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE The most sensitive measure of central tendency is the mean.T The mode is representative of the 50th percentile F

Variance is the square root of standard dev F
The standard dev is a measurment of the spread of the middle 50%of scores F Math prob Mean:2.9 standard dev: 1.3
A test that accurately measures the attribute that is designed to measure is said to posess VALIDITY Content validity is sometimes called logical or FACE validity CRITERION validity can be determined by utilizing a panel of judges Testing mile runs to VO2 max is CONCURRENT validity

A test that yields data that are stable, repeatable, and precise is said to posess RELIABILITY Formula used to predict the reliability of the entire instrument based on correlational coefficients of the two halves if the instrument is referred to as the SPEARMAN BROWN PROPHECY FORMULA PREDICTIVE validity is a category of criterion related validity in which scores will correlate highly with some type of measure in the future CONCURRENT validity is a category of criterion related validity in which Scores from new tests correlate highly with scores from an established test that measure the same variable of interest The instructor should have thorough KNOWLEDGE of the test and precise understanding of the administrative procedures The most popular and, in all likelihood, the best way to record students test scores is to use an individual SCORE CARD Traditional forms of assessment sometimes are not well matches to material being taught or do not measure what the teacher wants to assess T Alternative assessment procedures include student portfolios, event tasks, and student journals T An assessment is authentic if it enables students to perform as they would in a game T An authentic assessment is a subset of an alternative assessment T An alternative assessment is a subset of an authentic assessment F An assessment is authentic if it actively applies cognitive tasks such as rules, strategies, and positioning that have been taught in game play T Compared to standardized tests, a disadvantage of alternative assessment is that it is typically time consuming to set up and administer F Just as with traditional assessments, validity and reliability must be considered when designing an alternative assessment procedures T Student journals are often used to assess objectives in the affective domain T Affective and cognitive domain objectives should never be addressed with rating scales F The five components that health relatd physical fitness encompasses CARDIOVASCULAR, MUSCLE STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, FELXIBILITY, AND BODY COMP The ability of muscles to exert force is referred to as MUSCULAR STRENGTH The lack of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY promotes obesity,

MODERATE RISK individuals are male aged forty five yrs r older or females fifty five or older with two or more risk factors FUNCTIONAL FITTNESS is the physical capacity to perform everyday tasks independently without fatigue The only non performance component to health related PHYSCIAL fitness is BODY COMP Six components that skill related Physical fitness encompasses REACTION TIME, COORDINATION, AGILITY, SPEED, POWER, BALANCE

The three components that physiological physical fitness encompasses

Those aspects of physical fitness that have a relationship with good health are components of HEALTH RELATED FITNESS Total body weight can be divided into two basic components, fat weight and LEAN weight The calculated difference between the stimulation and the response to the stimulation is referred to as REACTION TIME Performing somersaults and twist offspring of the diving board are most characteristic of skills requiring AGILITY Locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills are movements most commonly referred to as FUNDAMENTAL The ability to simultaneously perform multiple motor tasts smoky and accurately is also called COORDINATION Participating in intramural sports afford individuals an opportunity to seek HIGHER SKILL ATTAINMENT A youngster who is able to display good foot eye coordination while dribbling a soccer ball is exhibiting MANIPULATIVE SKILL Bending, twisting, and swaying are more specifically identified as NON LOCOMOTOR MOVEMENTS Running, hopping , and skipping are ex of FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS A youngster who is able to control his body in personal space and move safely in general space in relationship to others is displaying BODY MANAGMENT COMPETENCY Which of the following is not considered to be a component of skill related physical fitness CARDIOREPIRATORY ENDURANCE 7 Locomotor skills : WALKING, RUNNING, HOPPING, JUMPING, GALLOPING, SLIDING, LEAPING Which is not an ex of the cognitive domain DEVELOPING CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE Test items should NOT BE EASIER OR MORE DIFFICULT THAN THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES The student will be able to define the terms locomotor and nonlocomotor is an ex of an objective written for the KNOWLEDGE LEVEL The student will be able to predict their body comp from a two sided skin fold is an ex of an objective written for the COMPREHENSION LEVEL A student who is able to employ physiological principles in developing an interval training program is functioning at the APPLICATION LEVEL A student who is able to identify the relationships which exist between sport and American society is in all likelihood functioning at the ANALYSIS LEVEL Objectives which produce something original of unique are written at the SYNTHESIS LEVEL Incorrect options on multiple choice questions are referred to as DISTRACTORS The numerical procedure for analyzing test items which is particularly appropriate for multilingual,e choice formats is referred to as QUANTITATIVE ITEM ANALYSIS The extent to which a test distinguishes between the students who scored well and those who did not score well is quantified by the DISCRIMINATION INDEX

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