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Topics: Peasant, Rebellion, Argument Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Hancock Document Based Question DBQ Learning How to Write a DBQ DUE MODAY NOVEMBER 17, 2008 Analyze the causes of and the responses to the peasants revolt in the German states, 1524-1526. Historical Background in late 1524, peasants, craftsmen, and poor soldiers formed bands and pillaged throughout a large area of the Holy Roman Empire. During the revolt, some of the rebel bands authored statements of grievances called Articles. Although most bands did not coordinate their activities, several groups met in Memmingen, Swabia, during March 1525 at a gathering known as the Peasant Parliament. After a series of battles, the authorities managed to suppress the revolts. More than 100,000 rebels and others were killed. TASK 1 Deconstructing the question. Specifically and in your own words describe what the question is asking you to do. Start by circling the directive words. Use the Historical Background to help you in this process. It is there for a reason and as a guide. Limit your answer to 2-3 sentences. TASK 2 The Documents. Recreate the table below on your sheet and fill it in with appropriate information. You have been provided with 12 Documents all of which are intended to be used as evidence to support your thesis. You are NOT expected to add in outside information except as context. Everything you argue must be based on what is found in the documents. You must complete the following steps BEFORE you read a single document, predict what Points of View (P.O.V.) you will expect to find. Write those down. Read through the documents. For each one make sure you note/underline/circle all relevant information such as author, time, national origin. In other words next to the document do APPARTS in brief. As you are reading put the documents into categories/groupings as these groups emerge. Do this in the chart below that you have recreated on your sheet. (NOTE Ive started you off. You do not need to fill in every box.) Documents that Address...
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