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Topics: Informed consent, Social work, Sociology Pages: 10 (2257 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Pamela Melton
Values of Human Services
“Informed Consents “
D. Slaughter

This paper will review the purposes of informed consent and some factors to informed consent are the treatment setting, outline it’s ethical and legal foundations, and explore some of its limitations. It satisfies any unnecessary questions and provides an assurance to the patients and others that are skeptical or have been betrayed. This paper will cover ways that you can make sure all cultures and nationalities fully understand the purpose of informed consent. A benefit of clients understanding the consents is that sometimes that will help the client become active in the therapy and will be more willing in the overall process of the therapy itself. If the boundaries are set forth it is better for all party’s involved.

Informed consent is the client’s right to be informed about their therapy and to make the decision to participate in the therapy willingly. According to the NASW to understand and be precise in correctly executing informed consent you must furnish a service to the client in a professional relationship. A social worker should make sure that they are understandable to inform clients of the reasons of the services, the risks that may come along, and all the limits that may come along. Make sure that all of their clients have ample time to ask questions, and have those questions answered, that way both parties are fully aware of all intended purposes of the therapy. If for any reason a client is unable to understand due to a language barrier, the social worker should make sure that there is an interpreter or translator available. If a client lacks the ability to provide informed consent then the professional should protect the client’s best interest by getting permission from a third party, informing the client. The social worker should try to the best of their ability to enhance the client’s ability to give informed consent. If If the client is acquiring help involuntary, the social worker should makes sure that information about all of the services and the extent of the client’s right not refuse services. All services that are using media of any kind like computer, telephone, radio, or television should be made aware of the risks that are associated with those services. Always make sure that you get informed consent before audiotaping or video tapping clients. An idea is to get a third party to observe while doing any type of taping (National Association of Social Work NASW14).

During World War II, German doctors in Nazi German were doing awful research on prisoners in concentration camps. The patients were not asked if they wanted to participate in the research and typically they died from the doctor experimenting on them. When the war was over, the doctors were taken to trail at the Nuremburg Trail for what they had done to these people. The Nuremburg Code was developed in 1948. This was one of the first cases that addressed medical research. A patient must have voluntary consent and couldn’t be forced to participate without them understanding the risk that can take place and them being acceptable to the person.

The concept of informed consent started in medicine and healthcare, it became very important in social work as well. As social workers began to serve children, older adults, people with mental illness, and physical challenges, nursing home residents and hospital patients, or prison inmates. The professionals must make sure that they are following all the different guidelines and requirements regarding minors’ receiving any type of treatment like mental health services or contraception with parental notification (Reamer 03’). No matter what setting that you are working with as a professional you have to make sure that you are knowledgeable about all of the informed consent and patient’s right to agree or to refuse treatment. Either way a patient has to be...
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