Ethics: Opinion Poll and Speech

Topics: Opinion poll, Politics, The Gallup Organization Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Ethics Activity
1.You are speaking on the topic of prison reform. In your research, you run across two public opinion polls. One of them, an independent survey by the Gallup Organization, shows that a majority of people in your state oppose your position. The other poll, suspect in its methods and conducted by a partisan organization, says a majority of people in your state support your position. Which poll do you cite in your speech? If you cite the second poll, do you point out its shortcomings? If I was giving a speech on prison reform, I would cite the poll given by the Gallup Organization. The Gallup Organization is an independent organization with no political affiliation or motives. Partisan groups are committed to specific political groups. Political groups often put a spin on information to sway voters to their side. I do not believe the poll stating anyone’s opinion to be most important when delivering a speech on prison reform. I believe giving accurate information is the only ethical way. Giving accurate information, plus examples for my position, backed with solid evidence would allow the audience to form their own opinion.

2.When listening to an informative speech by one of your classmates, you realize that much of it is plagiarized from a magazine article you read a couple weeks earlier. What do you do? Do you say something when your instructor asks for comments about the speech? Do you mention your concerns to the instructor of the class? Do you talk with the speaker? Do you remain silent? If I was in a situation where I listened to a plagiarized speech, I would not inform the instructor immediately. I would want to have evidence of plagiarism before I made such a large accusation. I would talk with the speaker privately after class. I would inform the speaker that I read the magazine article from which the speech was stolen. Then, I would tell the speaker that they should tell the instructor the truth. I would also speak with the...
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