Ethical Issues on Immigration

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Ethical Issues on Immigration
There are many issues in the United States. Some of them are more distraught than others. One issue that has recently had a lot of controversy would be immigration laws. Should we put a stop to immigrants coming over United States boarders? Should the immigrants already in the U.S.A. be allowed to stay? These are some questions being asked by today’s society. Immigrants are not all bad; some are very useful to the United States. In society today, it is easy for some people to find issues with immigrants in America, but people also need to remember America was formed by immigrants.

Immigrants come from all over the world. Some immigrants are legal and some are not. “According to the Census Bureau, in 2009, the US immigrant population was 38,517,234 which averages 12.5 percent of the total US population” (Batalova, Terrazas, 2012). There are more immigrants from Mexico that enter the United States than any other country. “Over one in every two Mexican immigrants is undocumented, compared with about one in every six for the remainder of the foreign born” (Passel, 2004).

The reason for the amount of immigration that occurs for Mexico into America is due to the fact that Mexico boarders the United States and other countries are overseas. This makes it easier for a person from Mexico to illegally migrate into America than it would for others who are from countries that are not boarding the United States.

Mexico has variety of national problems, which consist of crime, drugs, corruption, and a troubled economy. Mexicans want to enter the United States because they feel they can make a better life for themselves. Mexicans can come to the United States and find better jobs and living accommodations. Some Mexicans have come into America to live because of the poor living conditions and poverty that occurs in Mexico.

By having so many immigrants wanting to come to the U.S., it causes problems with citizens of America. Many Americans feel that by having immigrants come into the United States they are taking away job opportunities and causing more problems. Mexican immigrants are not the only immigrants in the United States there are also people from Asia, Africa, China, and many other countries.

Another reason most Americans do not like the idea of immigrants in the United States is because there are so many immigrants coming in illegally. America is a welcoming country and was built on immigration, but the problem is that the government is not doing much about the immigrants coming illegally. Illegal immigrants can come across the border and stay for years without any consequences. “For the 98.4 percent of the population that is not of American Indian decent, immigration is the means by which they are here” (Nofziger, 2010).

In 2006 Congress passed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. This bill was designed to help prevent illegal immigrants from Mexico to enter the United States, by building higher fences and having better security at our boarders. But it also gave Mexico the right to reject any new construction that would protect our borders allowing for more immigrants to come into the U.S. illegally. “Rather than face the reality of today's immigration crisis, the Senate has enacted a terrible bill that once again puts the interests of the American people last. The bill's cost is staggering, the administrative burdens crushing and the consequences for the cohesion of the future American nation -- no longer bound by a common destiny of the rule of law”(2009).

By having illegal immigrants come across U.S. boarders, problems can occur such as drug trafficking. Illegal immigrants not only bring illegal drugs into the United States, but illegal immigrants come and work in America and take the money they earned back to their country. Many illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to earn money and take it back to Mexico because; American money is worth more there. This makes the...

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