Ethical Concern for Genetic Testing in the Workplace

Topics: Ethics, Genetics, Genetic testing Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Ethical Concerns for Genetic Testing in the Workplace
Sean M. Williams
TUI University
Module 3 – Case Assignment
ETH501 – Business Ethics

The technology and advancements in our lives continue to grow and evolve every day. One arena where this is particularly true is genetic research and testing. It is now possible to test and/or screen for numerous diseases and ailments which can afflict the human body simply by testing a single drop of blood. This new technology has been utilized in various circles, from testing newborns for disease or determining ones susceptibility to a certain condition to proving or disproving ones innocence of a crime based on their DNA. Additionally, this new technology has brought about issues and discussions regarding the ethics of genetic testing as well as privacy concerns. One major concern is using genetic testing of employees for employer benefit in the workplace. Genetic Testing

The science of genetics has evolved on an epic scale thanks to the implementation of new technology. This evolution has lead to new breakthroughs in science regarding the health of the population. Scientist can now determine if an individual has genetic markers that make them prone to certain diseases and ailments. Unfortunately, there is no cure to overcome these genetic markers. Genetic testing has opened up new doors for employers on estimating their overhead costs of employees. In most circumstances, employers are responsible for the healthcare of their employees. If they have a healthy workforce than they could potentially cut some of these overhead costs to increase their profits. If their employee workforce is prone to illness, then overheads rise with decreased profits. Through the implementation of genetic testing in the workplace, employers can accurately determine their healthcare costs based on the results. This type of testing can be an invasion of privacy and yield results that are completely out...
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