Ethical Challenges in Business Organization (Maybank)

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Business Pages: 18 (5993 words) Published: July 18, 2014

Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences
Department of Business Administration
Business Ethics
MGT 3020
Dr. Naail Mohammed Kamil
Ethical Challenges in Business Organization: A Study of Maybank Investment Bank

Group Members:
Atiqah Bt Dalik1223400
Aida Abidah Bt Anuar1220954
Alya Maisarah Bt Zainal1228000
Nor Amira Suhada Bt Othman1224892
Ethical Challenges in Business Organization: A Study of Maybank Investment Bank Atiqah Bt Dalik(1), Aida Abidah Bt Anuar(2), Alya Maisara Bt Zainal(3), Nor Amira Suhada Bt Othman(4)
Business Ethics, Section 2, International Islamic University Malaysia Matric Numbers: 1223400(1), 1220954(2), 1228000(3), 1224892(4)

From an overview, we had a great interview session with Madam Sarina Binti Dalik, the Associate Director of Capital Markets in Maybank Investment Bank Berhad on 4 November 2013. The interview session is to get the detailed information regarding ethical challenges that revolves around the organization of Maybank Investment Bank. We combined and compiled the detailed information on our report assignment. From the interview, we managed to gather qualitative data as the findings. Besides, we applied the proper procedure to have a meeting with the Associate Director such as requesting an appointment, so that, we can have the exact date to meet her. The interview session runs smoothly without any major problem. The cooperation given by all group members and Madam Sarina is very satisfying.

On the morning of 4 November 2013, two our group members, Atiqah and Aida, went to the 33rd floor of Menara Maybank, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur to have an interview session with Madam Sarina Bt Dalik who is the Associate Director of Debt Capital Markets in Maybank Investment Bank Berhad . Madam Sarina Binti Dalik is 35 years old and was born in Johor Bahru. She graduated from Universiti Malaya in degree of Accounting in the year 2003. She started working in Maybank Investment Bank or formerly known as Aseambankers in the same year she graduated. She has been working there for more than 10 years. She is an experienced worker in her position. Since she is a competence employee and have a good reputation in her job, we are interested to interview her regarding the business ethics issue.

Literature review
Definition of Business Ethics
There are people who wish to be honest in business, but they must be sneaky or dishonest in order to make profit. Anyone who thinks about what he or she ought to do is, consciously or unconsciously, involved ethics. Ethics deals with values, with good and bad, with right and wrong. Business ethics is no longer concerned solely or primarily with the criticism of business and business practice. The new concern is just how profit should be thought of in the larger context of productivity and social responsibility and how corporations as complex communities can best serve both their own employees and the surrounding society. There is some misunderstanding in the means of doing business. Adopt a too narrow vision of what business is such as the pursuit of profit and then derive unethical decision. It is only say that the idea of 'the profit motive' as an end in itself , as opposed to profits as a means of encouraging and rewarding hard work and investment, building a better business and serving society better. It is true that business is and must be competitive, but it is not true that it is cut-throat or that 'one does whatever it takes to survive'. The central concept of much of recent business ethics is the idea of social responsibility.

Managing ethical behaviour is one of the most pervasive and complex problems faced by business organizations today. The employees’ decision to behave is influenced by a myriad of individual and situational factors such as background, personality, decision history, managerial philosophy. The model of for understanding ethical behaviour had been...
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