Ethical Behavior in Management and Business

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Ethical Behavior in Management and Business

Ethics is the term we give to our concern for good behavior. Its human nature to not only is concerned with our own personal well being, but also that of others and of human society as a whole. Basically, treat others how you would like to be treated. Business ethics is very similar to normal every day ethics. It is related in a way that it involves being fully aware of what we're doing including the complications and consequences of our actions. Being aware of ethics in business requires us to be aware of two things. First, we have to have a need with complying with rules, such as laws, customs and expectations of the community, the principles of morality and the policies of the organization and such general concerns as the needs of others and fairness. Second, we should know how the products and services of the business, the actions of its members, could affect its employees, the community and the society as a whole, either positively or negatively (Ethics 5).

Good ethics means good business is the viewpoint of many businesses. Businesses and their managers take ethics seriously. They reason their way through ethical problems and acceptable solutions. Although there is always the reverse, where businesses give the appearance of success for long periods of time in spite of unethical practices. The news today is overloaded with stories of the fallen heroes and devastated businesses that ultimately result from deception and unethical solutions to the business's problems (5). Many managers say that they run into ethical dilemmas because they are involved in relationships with people being employees, peers, and bosses with whom they have to work with and on whom they are dependent. The problem is complicated because these people have needs that are contrary to a business's goals and competing needs. The manager is forced to either chose between the business or the person, being a peer or employee, and an unethical choice will affect the relationship of the other for years to come (Ethics 6).

Businesses themselves have several responsibilities many of them being ethical. First, they have the priority of making jobs (106). Once they create a job, it's their responsibility to see that hard work and talent are fairly rewarded. When employees feel they are being treated fairly and with respect, they return the favor back to their management by following orders and doing any task assigned to them (107). If they feel they are being treated badly, they get back at the business either ethically or unethically (Understanding 107).

Managers of a business sometimes lose their ethical perspective when making decisions that affect people (9). Perhaps they are busy, or maybe they just don't take the time to think through the consequences of their decision (9). Also, if a senior manager were to make a decision that seemed unethical, the managers would act on the decision without weighing the ethical "overtones" (Ethics 9). The same is also true when several managers with a common goal agree in an unethical situation (9). When unethical decisions are made, everyone loses in the long run, both the company and the person making the unethical decision (Ethics 9).

Managers continually chose between people when making decisions such as whom to hire, which employee to promote, or which employee to lay off or terminate (23). Managers, knowing all the employees, their history with the company, their skills, and other factors, cannot help being having a problem by his/her own conflicting personal interest and biases (23). When choosing between people, objectivity is the best way to make decisions such as who to hire, who to promote, or who to lay off. Some managers have a problem by trying to choose the person with the least personal pain possible. Managers should determine the appropriate candidates based on honest consideration (24). It's a manager's responsibility to know about who is...
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