Et's Fight with Violence Against Women and Children

Topics: Rape, Child sexual abuse, War rape Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Md. Mohiuddin Mridha,
Studying LLM at SouthEast University,Dhaka.

“Let’s fight with violence against women and children”

Women are one of the most precious creations of God. When this word comes up in mind, several images start playing in our imagination. It can be an image of a loving and caring mother, or it can be a mysterious face behind which there may be a hidden love, care or devotion. From the very beginning of the history and till now, in every religious book and in stories and novels we have seen many different roles of women. In every religion, women are awarded the position of supreme dignity. It is said, “Heaven for a child lies under the feet of the mother.” But in reality we can see a very opposite picture.

Across the development of civilization, if we consider from technological and economic aspects, or perhaps, if we consider by the factors of law, a question arises: How safe are women at home and outside? But there is no lack of ‘women rights protection laws’ all over the world. Also, women are given equal rights as men in accordance to human rights. But in reality we can see a little execution of these laws. Compared to the developed nations, violence against women and children is higher in developing countries.

In Bangladesh, rape is increasing alarmingly over the years, but among this huge number of rape victims it is difficult to present an accurate statistics of how many of them have received proper legal remedy so far. In a developing country like Bangladesh, if number of rapes keeps on increasing in such a manner, then the situation of law and order will deteriorate, fear will arise among the general people and the society will loose trust on the law-enforcement system. Too, the judiciary system will be questioned.

According to a report published in the daily ‘Prothom Alo’ on 21st January 2013, last year a total of 90 children were raped and at the same time 49...
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