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Help my master!
Help the Lord of Chester!
He fell into the river!!

King:the Lord of Chester calls for help!
Guards run and help the Lord
of Chester. He is my friend!

Guard 1: Yes, yes Your Majesty!

Peter:My clothes… where are my clothes?
I’m cold!

Puss in Boots 2: Oh, my poor Lord!
Where are your clothes?

King:Guards, new clothes for the Lord
of Chester. Hurry up!

Guard 2:Yes, Your Majesty!

Princess Lilly:Lord of Chester, are you Ok?

Peter:Yes. Thank you for your help!

King:This is my daughter, Princess Lilly.

Peter:How are you, Princess Lilly!

Princess Lilly:Very well, thank you, Lord of Chester!

Peter:Princess Lilly, you are very pretty!

Princess Lilly: Oh! Lord of Chester, you are a very
nice man!

King:Please, come with us, Lord of Chester!

Scene 5

Narrator 6:Puss in Boots talks to some farmers.

Farmer 3:Who’s that man?

Farmer 4:It’s not a man! It’s a cat!

Farmer 3:A cat in boots?

Farmer 4:It is coming to us.

Farmer 3:What do you want?

Puss in Boots 2:Whose land is this?

Farmer 1:It’s the wizard’s.

Puss in Boots 2:No, it’s the land of the Lord
of Chester now!

Farmer 2: the land of the Lord of Chester?

Puss in Boots 2: Yes! He is a very good man!

Farmers 3+4: Hooray! Hooray!

Narrator 6: The king talks to the farmers.

King:Good afternoon! Whose land is this?

Farmers 1+2: Good afternoon, Your Majesty. It’s the
land of the Lord of Chester.

King : You are a rich man, Lord of

Peter:I’m very rich!

Scene 6

Narrator 7: The Puss in Boots runs to the castle.
A bad wizard lives there…

Puss in Boots 3: On, two, three, four, open the door!

Wizard:The key is on the floor… Who are you?

Puss in Boots 3: Puss in Boots. I’m a clever cat.

Wizard: A cat of my castle! Beautiful!

Puss in Boots 3:Are you a real wizard?
Can you be a lion?

Wizard:Of course I can! Look! (roar…)

Puss in Boots 3: Oh! Help, help!

Wizard:Ha, ha, ha! Now, do you believe me?

Puss in Boots 3: Yes, sure! Let’s see…
can you be a mouse, too?

Wizard:Yes, it’s easy!
Of course I can be a mouse! Look!

Narrator 8:the wizard is a small mouse now.
The clever cat eats the mouse…

Wizard:Help! Help!

Puss in Boots 3: Come here you silly little

Narrator 9:Then, puss in Boots runs to the door…

Servant 1:Look! That man is our new master!

Servant 2:He is very handsome!

Servant 1:And the young lady is very beautiful!

Servant 2:They are a nice couple!

Servant 1:Let them be happy!

Servant 2:Let them be together for ever!

Puss in Boots 3: Welcome, Your Majesty!
Welcome, Princess Lilly!

Princess Lilly:Whose castle is this?

Peter:It’s mine! Come in, please!

King:You have a very big castle, my friend!
Do you like it, Lilly?

Princess Lilly:Oh, yes my father. It’s wonderful!
I like it and I like this clever cat!

Peter:Stay and have dinner with us!

Narrator 10:They all ate, drank and danced…

King:I’m happy for you!

Puss in Boots 3: I’m very happy, too!

Princess Lilly:I love you, Peter!

Peter:I love you, too, Lilly!

Narrator 11:Peter marries the beautiful Princess. Soon Peter is the king. His father and brothers are with him. Puss in Boots is
with him for ever. And they lived
happily ever after.

The end

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