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Topics: Play, Game, Player / Pages: 2 (317 words) / Published: Mar 5th, 2013
Quinn Stubbins
Language Arts OEQ

In the story of “baseball and the facts of life” There are two sides to the event regarding Brett and his coach. Regarding Brett for his lack of playing time in the field or batting and Brett only plays one inning in each game while also destroying his love for the sport of baseball. He was still very dedicated to his team and tried his hardest the coach still put him in one inning a game which in my mind is very mean because he’ll really won’t get better if he can’t play. The coach’s side however he is very competitive and insensitive toward his players. The coach seemed to only want to win and nothing else and didn’t care for the less skilled players. The coach also never notices the eager look in Brett’s eyes every time he is took out that he is going to be put back in. when the other players are fooling around. Brett is ruthless and competitiveness clearly shows, especially when the coach took Brett right out of the game as one of the better players showed up. The coach’s side however is not explained in depth. The author doesn’t explain the reasons for his harmful actions toward his players. Prior events in his life and job may explain his responses to his players and parents. When he was a kid he might have played baseball and his father might have always wanted him to win and may have caused his single-mindedness to react to Brett’s parents by saying “I have to keep the best players in we’re in a league you know” In conclusion the story lacks the background information to explain the coach’s; but in contrast, it clearly shows that Brett has a love for baseball that was destroyed over the course of the season because of the insensitive coach.

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