Essay On Orthopedic Surgeons

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Have you ever broken a bone or torn a ligament? These injuries can be the most painful thing you ever will experience and they don’t heal too quickly either, but there is someone that will substantially increase the heal time and reduce the pain at the same time. Orthopedic surgeons are some of the most highly trained and well known doctors in the world. It is one the most stressful but also rewarding professions in the world.

In order to become an Orthopedic Surgeon he or she must go through approximately eight years of college. They would major in premedical and then medical. One of the most well known medical schools in America is John-Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a very difficult school to get into. John Hopkins University has a acceptance rate of 11.5% (Medical-Schools,John Hopkins). It is roughly $60,000 a year to attend (Hopkins Medicine,2016). So in order to attend John-Hopkins for eight years they would be paying $560,000 (Hopkins Medicine,2016).

Another great school for a medical major is the University of Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh is an easier school to get into with a acceptance rate of 53.1% which is very high (Colle,USnews-Pitt). To attend Pittsburgh it costs $40,000 a year. But out of-state tuition is $55,000(Collegedata-Pitt). So if someone were to attend out of state for
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They can do anything from place a simple cast on a broken arm to scanning a MRI on a patient to even performing a arthoscopy or surgery(Healthcare Salary World). Orthopedic surgeons work long stressful hours approximately 8-10 a day. The hours for a Orthopedic Surgeon are long as tiring. The pressure of being sued is immensely stressful and serious. The surgeon could lose everything you have over one careless error. Also if they are not working and a client has a serious injury you may need to treat them at midnight or even maybe 3

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