Essay On Native Americans During The 19th Century

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During the late 19th Century, people believed that the Native Americans would not adapt to modernity and die out. Those people were wrong. The Native Americans not only adapted but they survived and endured everything life had to throw at them. The United States Government made life quite hard for the Indians in many ways. The United States expanded its territory in the early 19th Century to the Mississippi River. Due to the Gadsden purchase, this led to US control of the borderlands of Arizona and southern New Mexico, along with authority over Oregon country, Texas and California. During 1830 and 1860 America continued to expand, nearly doubling in size. Settlers began building their lives in the Great Plains along with other parts of the …show more content…
Would you be happy about this? The Native Americans sure were not. American began to expand west during the middle 1800s. The movement forced the great tribes of Native American Indians to deal with the American government. The Indians had lived in the western territories for hundreds of years. Settlers and cattle ranchers pushed the Indians out of their homelands. The result was a series of wars between the tribes and the federal government. The government believed that the Indians would not be able to outlast the wars and keep their nations alive. The government described these Indians as "civilized." This meant they were too weak to cause more trouble. Many agreed to follow the ways of the white men. The Indians of the western grasslands were different. They refused to give up their way of life. These plains Indians were always on the move, because they hunted buffalo - the American bison. They followed great groups of the animals across the grassy plains. But what the Americans didn't realize was that the Indians had the advantage. Yes, America had advanced weaponry, and military tactics but the Indians knew the way of the land. The Indians were a unit like group. The utilized the land for their advantage that they lived on for a really long

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