Essay On Greek Theatre

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Greek Theater During the times nearing the greek views of westernization and ideas relating to the enlightenment that would later arise, Greek plays began gaining popularity. Since the plays represented the current events, they were taken very seriously by the populous. They often challenged the social norms and were seen as controversial. The development of plays was an important achievement for Greece, as it inspired many current traditions.
Greek plays were most commonly staged in open-air theatres referred to as theatrons, such as the one built on the side of a hill in athens famously named Dionysos. On either side of the stage at these theatres were ramps leading away from the orchestra. Near the stage there would be stage buildings that the actors used to
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Greek plays were performed in late March to early April, during the time of the Greek religious festivals. Plays were performed for most of the day as they could not be performed during the night due to the lack of light. Males performed in these plays during Greek 5th century BC and had to play both the male and the female parts due to women not being allowed to be actors or just in the play. Most of the actors were amatuer and there was even a rule that only three actors were permitted to perform in a single production. The actors that performed in these productions used specific costumes such as thick boots to appear taller, gloves to exaggerate their hands, and masks that were made specifically for their characters. These masks were believed to amplify the voice of the actor and make words easier for the audience to hear. Mute characters were played by young men who could not yet fully project their voices. Greek plays were attended by men and women alike, although it was still a bit

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