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Topics: Sociology, Allusion, Reese Witherspoon Pages: 3 (1500 words) Published: April 24, 2015
Important ideas are at the heat of every film. In your view, what important ideas are explored in Pleasantville also referring specifically to the opening montage? To survive in a society an individual needs to be able to cope with the changing society. The 1998 film Pleasantville, directed by Garry Ross is a social commentary on the changing values upheld in the 1950s contrasted to the 1990s. The concept of transformation of an individual and the society is explored deliberately through the use of cinematic techniques, themes and strong characterization. The notion of ‘knowledge is power’ is a widely explored motif continuously/consistently throughout the film as individuals transform along with their society. This concept is successfully explored through the symbolic use of historical and biblical allusion along with different film techniques. The unique sense of individuality is also experienced by the characters of Pleasantville through the use of humour and other film techniques. The opening montage is a first impression on the values upheld in the symbolic society of the 1950s as contrasted to the values upheld in the 1990s shown as the film progresses. (Please tell me if I need to rephrase some of my words because some of it probably doesn’t make any sense) Societal values upheld in the ‘ideal’ 1950s as portrayed in Pleasantville are strongly contrasted to the values of the ‘real’ 1990s. In the opening montage, the audience are given a brief insight into the world of Pleasantville as a ‘perfect world’ through panning over the town of Pleasantville. Even though in the opening montage, which is actually an advertisement for the Pleasantville marathon, is portraying Pleasantville to be ‘perfect’ yet it doesn’t actually remain ‘perfect’. The opening montage is mocking the idea of a traditional 1950s sitcom through the exciting non diegetic music and the alluring voiceover. Yet the enthusiastic opening montage is directly contrasted to the world where the...
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