Essay for Globalization

Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Nicole hall
Journal topic: How and why does globalization influence identities, identity politics, and local communities/neighborhoods? Has globalization influenced any of these in your own life?
How globalization influences identities, identity politics, and local communities/neighborhoods by how everybody sees everything. In this day and age you can see any part of the world with a touch of a button; people can see completely different countries traditions, cultures, etc without a problem. Because of this globalization is at an all time high which in why identities, identity politics, and local communities/neighborhoods are affected. A lot of times people in this world want to be “different” or just don’t want to conform to the same ideals as other people around them. Globalization helps feed into this idea in the sense that people can look into any culture or religion they want to and practice it, or become it. For example a Hispanic woman is tired of her old traditions and wants to try something new, all she has to do is go to the local library, or go on the internet and look up customs and such for another type of people, for example we’ll say Chinese. This woman can change her identify and “turn” herself into a Chinese person with ease. With people being able to get access to so many different types of cultures globalization gives people a chance to be whoever they want to be because they can see all the different types of people out in the world. I’m sure that globalization has influenced my own life in one way or another, for example my mother is from Puerto Rico. With the help of globalization she was able to see that there are more “opportunities” in America for people so she decided to move me here so I could grow up in this country and be an American.
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