Error Analysis

Topics: Category theory Pages: 4 (829 words) Published: April 27, 2013
5. Methodology of the Study
5.1. Participants
The participants were divided into two groups of students from two different levels. The first group of participants were level 2 students (L2), from the Department of Nursing, College of Applied Medical Sciences at the University of Tabuk, whereas the other participants were students from level 5 (L5), from the Department of Fashion and Textile Arts, College of Designs and Arts at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University.

5.2. Data Collection
5.2.1. Instruments and Procedures
The data was collected by my sister for L2 participants and one of my friends for L5 participants. Each group of participants was requested to write about a specific topic. My sister, who is studying at the University of Tabuk, asked her colleagues (L2) to write about "What products do you have in your house? Are you loyal to any brands?" while, my friend, who is studying at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University, asked the other group (L5) to write about "The importance of social communication networks? And do they have any negative effects?". Eight essays were collected from each group. However, only four essays were chosen to be analyzed.

5.3. Data Analysis
The errors committed by both groups of participants are classified in this study as follows: 1. Categories:
a. Omission errors, which is omitting some required elements. b. Addition errors, which is adding unnecessary elements. c. Selection errors, which is selecting incorrect elements.

2. Subcategories:
a. Morphological errors.
b. Syntactical errors.

The total number of errors, found in the writings of both groups L2 and L5, in all categories was: 74 errors. The classification of those errors was according to their categories and subcategories.

Regarding omission errors, there were 33 errors in both morphological and syntactical omissions. As for morphological omission errors, there were 14 errors. Syntactical...
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