Era of Good Feeling

Topics: United States, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams Pages: 4 (861 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Seth Mintz
Era of Good Feeling
The period of time from 1815 until 1825 was considered an era of good feeling because Americans felt a very strong sense of nationalism because of their recent victory in the war of 1812.The Americans felt so much power in themselves that they wrote the Monroe Doctrine warning European countries about allying with the Latin American colonies, that were becoming independent. The American economy was booming at this point in time which adds to the era of good feeling. The recent invention of the cotton gin and the two major textiles company run by Lowell and Slater also helped the economy but led to their being more slaves because of the new need for labor. Socially, the advancements in transportation and the Marshall Court helped fuel the era of good felling in the United States. The first depression in 1819 was a terrible thing. Even though people were suffering, they still felt a sense of nationalism and that made the years of 1815 to 1825 an era of good feeling. Sectionalism, or only being loyal to your own section was also an ongoing problem that needed to be dealt with. There were constant arguments between the North and the South with each faction only loyal to their section and not to the entire nation as a whole. Even with all these problems the majority of people felt like these years were an era of good feeling.

Americans felt a sense of nationalism from the years 1815 to 1825 causing those years to be an era of good feeling. People wanted so much to become a single nation they tried removing political parties to become one unified nation and that is why from a political standpoint it was an era of good feeling.  During this time the Federalist Party collapsed which ended their arguments with the Democratic-Republican Party. The Federalist party collapsed because of its lack of support for the war of 1812. This left the Democratic-Republican party to rule on. This shows national unity adding to the era of...
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