Equity: Trust Law

Topics: Trust law, Equity, Common law Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Equity and Trusts Law Essays and Dissertations
Law Essays UK proudly present a major breakthrough in the advancement of educational standards in the UK - the worlds first and only guaranteed 2:1 and First Standard quality personalised law essays service. Ever struggled with understanding a law essay or dissertation topic? Having difficulty with your equity essays or trusts essays? All our UK equity and trusts law essays and our equity and trusts law dissertations are custom written and are written specifically to your exact question. All equity essays and trusts essays and dissertations are also fully referenced (including complete bibliography) and are plagiarism software scanned. Are you confused by the three certainties test in Knight v Knight? Or maybe constructive trusts and resulting trusts, or the difference between inferred common intention and express common intention trusts, as decided in Lloyds Bank v Rosset? Do all of these areas of equity and trusts law make full and complete sense to you? Chattels, cohabitees, charities, cy pres, discretionary trusts, express trusts, fixed trusts, donees, estoppel - (promissory and proprietary) easements, the formalities requirements for trusts and fiduciary duties? Are you fully compus mentus with regards to knowing receipt, knowing assistance, legatees, mutual wills, nominees, overreaching, overriding, perpetuities, powers, precatory trusts, probate, protective and quistclose trusts, settlors, succession, testators, trusteeship, equitable remedies, the equitable maxims, and the Vandervell legislation? If not our equity and trusts law experts are ready to assist you on all equity and trusts law modules found on the LLB with any equity essays or trusts essays you may have.

Equity and Trusts - The Different Types of Trusts
Law Essays UK writers have addressed the following topics with trusts essays within this area - the difference between express and implied trusts, charitable trusts, consequences of...
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