Entrepreneur VS. Intrepreneur

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Entrepreneur VS. Intrepreneur

1.What is an entrepreneur? SBA. Gov states that an entrepreneur is a person that organizes and manages a business and assumes the risk to make a profit. Entrepreneurs see an opportunity, make a plan, start the business, manage the business, and receive the profits. The word entrepreneur is French and is used to describe an individual who organizes and operates a business or businesses and taking on financial risk to do so.

2.The attributes which typify entrepreneurs. Stated in the New York Times article, “You’re the Boss” by Jay Goltz there are six critical attributes an entrepreneur needs to obtain to be successful. First ambition, many entrepreneurs will have seventy hour work weeks at times and need to have strong ambition and drive to get through. Next creativity, coming up with creative ideas and catchy marketing concepts is critical in the success of your business and you must be creative in today’s society. Tenacity is also very important, rookie entrepreneurs will make mistakes and they have to be corrected as quickly as possible to survive as a business. The fourth attribute is being risk tolerant, it is almost impossible to go into business without taking risk. Intuition is also going to go a long way in starting your own business. And finally, personality, successful entrepreneurs will have more success with an optimistic personality.

3.What is the difference between and entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? In the article Entrepreneurship by Amitabh Shukia, an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risk in being the owner and operator of a business with expectations of financial profits and rewards that the business may generate. An intrapreneur is an individual employed by an organization for remuneration, which is based on the financial success of the unit he or she is responsible for. Some examples of intraprenuers would be the founders of Adobe, John Warnock and Charles Geschke....
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