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Assignment for Course: MKT5017- Delivering Superior Customer Value

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Title of Assignment: Case Analysis 1- Enterprise Rent A Car

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car- Customer Value Funnel Case
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company is a privately owned company that started in 1957, and has become the success that it is due to their business policies of listening to their customers needs and fulfilling them. This case analysis will show in detail how the first two tiers of Weinstein’s Customer Value Funnel (Weinstein, 2012) Macro Environment and Microenvironment relates to Enterprise and how it can help to create more value to its customers. Macro Environment

Macro Environment is the factors that dictate a company’s or a business’s decisions and also affects its performance and strategies. Society
The society that different people belong to may also affect the demand for rental cars. For example, here in Florida where we do not have the most advanced public transportation system and everything being further away, more people may find the need to rent cars to get from point A to B. Where as in a place with more advanced modes of transportation, or if living in a city such as New York people may not find the need to rent a car but may choose to take the subway or the train. To help with situations like this Enterprise has weekend specials to try and attract the customers that might want to rent a car just for recreational purposes. Demographics

Enterprise’s customer base is made up of many different types of people. This is based on age, gender, occupations, geographical locations and so on. Enterprise’s customer base comes from individuals who either need a replacement car if their car has been damaged due to a vehicular accident or business and recreational purposes. Enterprise can use this to their advantage because knowing the area that a particular branch is in, they can gauge the type of vehicles that they may need to carry in that location, example in a state where there is a lot of rough terrain customers may want a pick up truck. Economic

The state of the economy greatly affects Enterprise. If the economy makes a turn for the worse and the unemployment rate drops, people will then have to rethink their spending and prioritize their spending habits. People may choose to find an alternative form of transportation. In addition to this if insurance companies change their policies customers may have to start paying the difference for car rentals, this may lead customers to either choosing not to rent a car or not to then pay a difference to get an upgraded car. These situations will both affect the profitability of Enterprise. If a situation like this occurs maybe Enterprise will have to focus their promotion to smaller sized cars versus a larger such as a SUV, so that the cost for the rental will not be as much. This will emphasize the fact that they have a vehicle to suit everyone’s needs. Natural/physical

The world has changed over the past few years and a greater importance has now been placed on making the environment ‘more green’. This means a way of life that helps to maintain an ecological balance in the environment while preserving the planet and...

References: Weinstein, A. (2012). Superior Customer Value: Strategies for Winning and Retaining Customers (Third edition). Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press-Francis & Taylor Group. Pg 235
www.enterprise.com . 2012. http://aboutus.enterprise.com/what_we_believe/supplier_diversity.html
Grading Rubric A – MKT 5017: Customer Value Case Analysis 1 (CC1)
Performance Criteria | Inadequate 0 | Developing 17.5 | Proficient 20 | Very Good 22.5 | Exemplary 25 | Scores |
MacroenvironmentalAnalysis | Does not provide an analysis of global business environment | Provides a partial analysis of global businessenvironment | Provides an analysis of global business environment | Provides a comprehensive analysis of global business environment | Provides a well written, comprehensive and insightful analysis of global business environment | |
Microenvironmental analysis | Does not provide an analysis of market environment | Provides a partial analysis of market environment | Provides an analysis of market environment | Provides a comprehensive analysis of market environment | Provides a well written, comprehensive and insightful analysis of market environment | |
Total(50 points max.) | | | | | | |
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