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Enrollment serves as important part in the life of every student upon entering schools or universities, either public or private. It is considered as the initial process that must furnished by students within a particular institution before the school year starts. The student usually takes an admission test, followed by scheduled interview, then filling-up of forms and payment of fees. Enrollment involves the process of entering and verifying data of students enrolled in a particular school. It is best to computerize an enrollment system of a school. The common function of an Enrollment system is to store the data of the enrollee and to retrieve and update student’s information. This may reduce workload and provides accuracy of needed information in the school.

The Local Area Network (LAN) - Enrollment System for Empowered Zone for Excellence in Education Center for Arts and School (EZEECASI) with SMS Notification is designed to reduce the workload of the school especially in the Admission Office thus provides accurate information needed of the school and the student. The study also covers the process of automated assessment of fees and schedule for particular Grade. To make it


more convenient, the researchers integrated the technology of SMS Notification to easily inform the student’s parents regarding financial matters and other important activities and announcements.

As a result, it will benefit not only the student but the entire administration of the school. In the case of EZEECASI, it is composed of a manual system in recording and retrieving student’s information. The Empowered Zone for Excellence in Education Center for Arts and School Incorporated (EZEECASI) started last 2007. In 2003, it was founded and established by Mr. Eric V. Zapanta under the name of EZ Music Center initially to serve boys and girls in music and arts. It was renamed as Clarion Music Center in 2007. Due to numerous enrollees, Mr. Zapanta believed that “Education is the basic and perhaps the only real capital one could ask for”.

The researchers want to improve and upgrade the manual enrollment of EZEECASI into computerization that covers the enrollment process of all grade levels from nursery up to fourth year high school. It will provide the student a convenient and an efficient way of enrolling that produces assessment fees according to each level. It includes the personal information of the student and their respective assessment fees which is designed to use in account inquiries of students. In addition, the study integrates the


technology of SMS-based to notify the parents of the student regarding important announcements.

The Research Problem
General Problem
How to develop a LAN-Based Enrollment System for EZEECASI
with SMS Notification and to consider the following needs in terms of speed, accuracy, convenience, efficiency and security.

Specific Problem
1. How will the researchers design system that can easily
retrieve the applicants’ or the students’ record?
2. How will the researchers develop a system that can
generate accurate students’ report for schedule and
assessment of tuition fees?
3. How will the researchers provide a user-friendly system that produces accurate and error-free students’ records?
4. How will the researchers produce a system that can











5. How will the researchers design a system that can provide extensive security of data and files?

General Objective
To develop a LAN-Based Enrollment System for EZEECASI with SMS Notification that can improve the speed, accuracy, convenience, efficiency and security of the manual system.

Specific Objectives
1. The proposed LAN-Based Enrollment System for EZEECASI with SMS Notification will provide a module to enter student number that will minimize the...

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