Enrique's Journey Summary

Topics: Family, Father, Old boy network Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Enrique’s Journey

Enrique’s Journey is about a 5 year old boy named Enrique, his mother named Lourdes and Enrique’s sister named Belky. In their hometown in Honduras, the single mother cannot afford to keep her family afloat with her working. She washes cloths and sells them, along with other things like cigarettes, crackers, and gum. She knows she cannot afford to keep her kids in school past third grade so she decides to cross the boarder into America to try to get a better job and send money home for her kids. She decides to go for a year, and asks her sister Rosa Amelia to take care of Belky, and expects Enrique’s father to take care of him.

Lourdes does not say goodbye to Enrique but she tells him to remember to go to church in the afternoon. After a year she doesn’t return and Enrique hates being without his mother so he decides to eventually cross the boarder. He is one of 48,000 children that enter America illegally. Lourdes travels across the boarder with a smuggler, she enterers the US through a sewer tunnel. She finds a job sorting tomatoes for $14 a day. After a while she finds a friend of her brother and finds another job that pays $125 a week, and she is able to send some cloths, money and toys back to her children in Honduras.

Back in Honduras, his father remarries and moves out and Enrique moves in with his grandmother. Belky is living with Rosa Amelia and is able to attend school from the money her mother sends home. Both Enrique and his grandmother work, but it not enough for school supplies. Lourdes sends home $50-$100 a month. He sells spices, tamales and plastic bags full of juice. She sells used clothing. Enrique barely speaks to his mother anymore. They do not have a phone and the only time they can speak is when she calls his cousins house and he is usually not in reach of their house when their mother calls.

Lourdes is living in an apartment with 3 other woman. An old boyfriend of hers moves in with them and Lourdes...
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