Topics: Soul, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 14, 2014
 Name: Ingrid Ortega
Writing skills GNST 400
Essay 2 –Life Philosophy – Rough draft

Over years I had to experience a lot of negative and positive things in order to get a balance in my life. I was always trying to find something that will give me the secret of happiness, whether it was in religions, in relationships, or even in money. I can also say that I’ve read a lot about actual human behavior in order to understand reactions, feelings and thoughts (also to control mine) but none of that ever got me far. I had to go through life searching for “a thing” that will make everything else make sense, without knowing that I had the answer in my own hands all the time. The answer is now my life philosophy, and it resumes itself in three words: love, light, and soul. Before I go further, I have to make clear that this is not a religious issue. I studied the bible and practiced different religions for a long time, and ultimately i decided NOT to follow any entity, but I do like eastern ideologies. I took from them, some theories that helped me constructing my principles; I will share them with you so that you will get a bigger picture of my view. This is what I’ve learned. We all come from the same source, we all respond to the same nature, and our purest being is the soul. The soul is not the body, the body responds to physic laws and limits, and it won’t go beyond those. Your body is just a tool to interact in this three-dimensional world, but even if someone explores our brains will not find numbers, letters, or pictures in there. Our memory, our imagination, our intuition are just parts or levels of our conscience, and they are not solid. Our spirit isn’t either, it is space-less and timeless, and it contains our first-born essence, which is love and light. We come to this world with all the answers, but when we grow up we get distracted. We start...
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