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Topics: Sleep, Poetry, Disturbed Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Truth At Dawn

The poem Truth at dawn written by Kevin Ireland is about a person who wakes up every morning at six with an old sickness in his brain. The old sickness is that he is bored about his whole life and always working and losing his energy every day. Every day he will be in a hurry for work reading the paper fast and throttling his paper after he read in a hurry. He always worked so hard in the day. The protagonist was shown to be trading his time for nothing but boredom and tiredness. After his work, he will be literally crawling home as his feet, as there was no energy left in them to walk briskly. As per my perception the protagonist is left with no energy that, he is just shuffling his feet to get back home. The protagonist was everyday facing defeat and he has never felt how’s victory is like. Now after the whole day of exhaustion he would creep into his bed and try to get some sleep. Then in his dream he would think himself of a great hero and portray himself that he was royal blood and he would be fighting wars. He also portrayed himself as a person who is very daring would anything. But then he would wake to see that there was no change in him he was in the same old clothes he wore the night before and the face he would see every day at the bathroom mirror. Then the poet says that he ‘blabbed the truth each dawn’. The protagonist then makes a remark that “I wish that I wasn’t born!” in this line he meant that he couldn’t take any more of that boring life that he was almost ready to die.

Firstly, the poet structured the poem with very short stanza which presents a clear view and a very urging tone. With the stanza only a few lines long the readers are a given a view that the poets view and expression are very clear and on the point rather than beating around the bushes. This way the readers sense how the poet himself must be feeling when he wrote the poem....
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